Notification (whistleblowing) provides us with the opportunity to rectify conditions that violate laws, regulations or ethical guidelines

Employees or others submitting a notification are an important resource for the Group.


In order for Avinor to achieve its goals, it is vital that employees and partners follow laws and regulations and behave in an ethically responsible manner.


The notification channel must only be used to provide notification about reprehensible conditions according to the Working Environment Act. For general customer complaints, please fill out this form.

What is notification?

Notification is taking reprehensible conditions to someone who is able to do something about them. The notification channel has been established for employees and others to be able to provide notification under complete safety and without the fear of reprisals of any kind about reprehensible conditions such as:

  • Lapses in security routines
  • Working conditions that violate the requirements of the Working Environment Act
  • Irresponsible administrative procedures
  • Corruption or other financial misconduct
  • Breaches of Avinor’s ethical guidelines
  • Social dumping

As a whistleblower, you are protected by the Working Environment Act against retaliation for having provided notification about reprehensible conditions.

Who can provide notification?

The notification channel can be used by Avinor’s own employees, contractors, employees associated with Avinor through external suppliers and other partners.

The notification channel must not be used for general customer complaints. The same goes for requests from customers or suppliers. In such cases, please contact Avinor directly.

How can I provide notification?

You can provide notification through our encrypted notification channel.

What happens to my notification?

Depending on what you are notifying about, appropriate measures will be taken to handle the situation. Firstly, the report will be handled by the notification committee, unless it is clear it requires external assistance. Investigations are carried out to gather more information about the conditions that have been notified about. All parties involved may be separately called in to a meeting during this phase.

If, after this information gathering period, it is possible to identify measures that will resolve the situation, this will be done.

If further investigations are needed, external actors may be brought in. For example, this may include legal expertise, the Labour Inspection Authority, the police, etc. This part of the process will vary from case to case.

Can I remain anonymous?

You can choose to provide notification anonymously. Whether or not you choose to remain anonymous or to state your identity, Avinor will comply with all considerations for the laws and regulations regarding case management. On the other hand, you can also send the notification to the law firm Bull & Co who will not reveal the identity of the whistleblower to Avinor’s notification committee without the agreement of the whistleblower.

Please note, however, that full anonymity may complicate the notification process.

When will I receive a response to my notification?

Once you have submitted your notification, you will receive a receipt that it has been received. The processing time will vary from case to case, though you will receive information regarding this.

What will happen to the person or persons notified about?

Those being accused also have the right to be safeguarded under the law. This normally means that the person in question is made aware of the accusations and the information provided about the situation.

The person being notified about will be allowed to provide their version of events, and will be notified about the outcome once the case has been fully processed. If the conclusion is that nothing reprehensible has taken place, it is important that all those involved are informed that the case has been closed.