Focus areas


Innovation will be an important contribution to Avinor’s efforts towards sustainable development.

Even while we are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic and have difficult decisions to make, innovation and technological development are key focus areas for Avinor. Among other things, we are working to develop more sustainable solutions both for our own operations and to support our partners’ sustainability efforts.

The focus on innovation at Avinor is based on two strategic fields:

Security, efficient operations and increased value creation

Within this field, we are working to utilise innovation and technological development to realise the benefits of increased security, more efficient operations or increased value creation in other areas.

Remote towers and autonomous snowploughs are two examples of innovative solutions where Avinor can benefit in its daily operations.

See the article from Teknisk Ukeblad: Her måker verdens første automatiserte brøytebil (Norwegian only)


See our other ongoing projects here.

Climate-friendly solutions and new business opportunities for the aviation of the future

The climate-friendly solutions of the future may also create to new business opportunities. Creating new revenue streams involves developing commercial revenues and generating new revenues in other parts of the business.

We can already see good examples of this through the drone project “Autonomous sensors for efficient airport operations” in collaboration with Norce and Opscom, and in our work on the new baggage handling solution at Oslo Airport. We are working to develop more projects like this.

Avinor’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2022