There are all sorts of important questions about the future that we do not have all the answers to today.

Aviation is one part of a bigger picture within connectivity and mobility in society, which may experience major changes and see new opportunities in the future. It is also facing significant and demanding technological shifts.

Avinor welcomes collaboration with start-up companies and environments, academia, research and educational institutions and public and private businesses. Together we can find the right solutions that will increase the level of innovation, sustainability and efficiency of the aviation of the future.

Even while we are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic and have difficult decisions to make, innovation and technological development are key focus areas for Avinor.

We welcome innovation

This could be in the form of new technologies, a new way of implementing a process or a new service, because innovation is not merely about creating new technology, but also value creation. We are committed to utilising our resources in the best manner possible and finding clever solutions that will allow us to deliver safe and stable infrastructure for Norway well into the future.

Our owner welcomes innovation

There is both a political desire and willingness for Norway to play a leading role in sustainable innovation within aviation, which will help us to achieve our climate goals. Nationwide infrastructure also contributes to towns and cities and job opportunities across our country.

Norway – the main stage for the electrification of aviation

Avinor and corporate social responsibility

Aviation as an industry welcomes innovation
Norway is a high-tech country with both the expertise in sustainable and innovative solutions for the future and the political will to set this as a priority. Many of Avinor’s innovation projects have global potential, and experience and expertise gained through these garner international attention.

“An important part of our innovation projects is to increase interest among innovators and to get more people to see the potential of this business case. We know that this innovation process could benefit other airports, and we are happy to share information with those who are interested,” says Wilhelm Otnes, project manager of Avinor automated baggage handling